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More Nonsense on Using Hypnotherapy To Overcome Relationship Breakups

More Nonsense on Using Hypnotherapy To Overcome Relationship Breakups

Here we go again, I hear some of you saying when you look at today’s topic. Now, let me start by saying that hypnotherapy when used in conjunction with legitimate psychotherapy can be a powerful aid in helping people to overcome the end of a relationship. I emphasise the second part, psychotherapy is necessary when working with this issue, as the breakup of a relationship is far more complex in most cases than simply saying I am sad because my relationship broke down.

There are often long term issues related to attachment issues and potential familial issues that should be explored through psychotherapy which hypnosis being used as an adjunctive approach to assist in validating therapeutic outcomes. It should not be used, as suggested in an article I read this morning, in conjunction with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to reprogram the mind in order to reduce the timeframe of getting over the ex partner. This is just nonsense, trickery, it just is not therapy!

I know I have said this many times, many hypnotherapists, need to take what they do a lot more seriously and not look for the quick and gimmicky answers with clients, but to do real therapy which takes time and effort and perhaps just as important training. I really wish trainers would grasp this nettle and teach their students to understand the seriousness of therapeutic work, rather than just teach gimmicks which have no verifiable evidence to support them.

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