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More Hypnosis Claims Sigh

More Hypnosis Claims Sigh

Yes, it has been a few weeks where I have not railed on something that colleagues are claiming with regards to hypnosis, but today I found something which I had to comment on. I have always been against claims made by some hypnotists regarding things like the hypnotic gastric band and other things which give the appearance of making weight control with hypnosis seem like something easy and magical. I have now seen a process where the creator claims that his brand of hypnotic weight loss which claims to remove body fat instantaneously. There is even a claim made in a press release that a person managed to lose 3 stone without the hassle of diet or exercise instantly.

I will not name the practitioner or this approach here, as I will not give it any more publicity. However, it is cruel and unsound to make claims which simply are not true. Body fat does not disappear instantly from the body unless it is physically removed via surgery. To make claims that some form of exercise or movement is not necessary for long term weight management is simply nonsense. I have said before calories in must be less than calories out and there is a need for movement and exercise to manage weight. Now hypnosis can assist people in motivation when it comes to these things with regards to weight as well as helping to curb the intake of some foods, IT CANNOT create instant body fat removal.

People who struggle with their weight need real solutions not fantasy. If you are going to work with a hypnotherapist to achieve this, make sure that his or her claims are reasonable and fact based.

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