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More Hurt and More Pain

More Hurt and More Pain

Having written about humour and therapy yesterday, to now find myself writing in the shadow of another terrorist attack here in the UK could really make a person despair. One asks oneself why these things happen and of course it arouses memories and hurt and pain for many people.

Is this all there is? Are we destined to just keep getting hurt over and over again? Fear seems to permeate every part of our lives. However, I believe there is hope. Humankind is intrinsically good, kind and decent. When attacks happen against what many people consider to be their core beliefs it makes people angry, but perhaps more importantly it makes people feel resolute about ensuring that their way of life would not be sacrificed for hatred, hurt and pain.

Therapy is about second chances, and no matter our hurt or pain, we are all able to get a second chance for happiness and love. Even in the shadow of terror, even when we believe our hearts to be broken and totally beyond repair, we have the potential for goodness and love. As long as we hold to this, all of us, no evil and no pain can ever extinguish our humanity.

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