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What is a Modern Approach to Hypnotherapy

What is a Modern Approach to Hypnotherapy

For clients who are seeking therapeutic services, particularly hypnotherapy services, it is a minefield as to who to consult. I have on a couple of occasions written about the importance of qualifications and registration, but I would like to talk today about the importance of knowing what lies behind therapy.

I have noticed of late a preponderance of practitioners who talk about a modern approach to hypnotherapy, approaches which do not rely on looking at a client’s past. In the first instance these approaches can hardly be called modern. In reality, these approaches are based on the Solution Focused Model. This model came into being in the 1970’s, but can trace its roots back still further to the work of practitioners like Milton Erickson in the 1950’s and 1960’s. So this is hardly “modern”

Additionally, yes the solution focused model is concerned about the future and goal work, but without an understanding of a client’s past one cannot move forward in reality. To understand where a person came from can give great insight into where they are going. The work I do incorporates several therapeutic philosophies, because I don’t believe that there is one which holds all the answers, but integrating them into something unique is of great benefit to clients.

Before consulting a therapist, make sure he or she actually understands the philosophy of the approach that they claim to follow. Sadly, some practitioners only have a limited knowledge of what they claim to practise. When seeking help, you want someone who knows what they know rather than paying lip service to it.

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