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Are Mobile Phones Our Friend

Are Mobile Phones Our Friend

I get asked by some people where do I get the ideas for this blog. Sometimes the answer is obvious, other times it is based on what I observe both as a therapist and a human being. Today’s offering is such an example. This is one of my rare weekends off, and I like to try to do something nice for myself when I am off. This weekend was no exception, I decided to have lunch at one of my favourite Chinese eateries. Whilst enjoying my Cantonese Sizzling Steak, I noticed a table of 20 people with a huge banquet before them and none were eating as all 40 eyes were transfixed, hypnotised eve, by their smart phone screens.

I was horrified, no one was speaking to each other they were texting and facebooking, I assume that they were not doing this with the other participants at the table. I was sad to see that one of the most socialising experiences we have, eating, was being rudely interrupted by technology.

There is little for me to say except take the opportunity to communicate with the people around you as your priority, leave the texting and facebooking for anywhere other than the dinner table.

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