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Misleading Advertising in Hypnotherapy

Misleading Advertising in Hypnotherapy

I am disappointed to find myself revisiting this topic again. Unfortunately, there are practitioners who either do not understand ethical marketing or choose not to follow the rule of telling the truth. For decades, hypnotherapy schools have rented rooms at universities to run their training courses. Whilst this is perfectly honourable, provided that they emphasise that the course is a privately run course and not affiliated to the university.

I came across a practitioner claiming to have been trained in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy at Kings College. Whilst this person may have been trained in rooms at Kings College, the trainer was a private training school and not affiliated to Kings in any way other than a commercial arrangement for running a course.

I cannot believe that a practitioner would be ignorant to this, and therefore there is a real question as to whether people who do this are deliberately attempting to make their qualifications more accredited than they are. Please for the good of the profession, be honest with what your qualifications are and where they came from. It will only land you in trouble in the long run. In the strictest interpretation of the law, it could be argued by misrepresenting qualifications is tantamount to fraud.

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