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Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy Manchester

Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy Manchester

This type of therapy was designed to assist depressed patient avoid a potential relapse. This was specifically targeted to patients that suffered with MDD (major depressive disorder). In addition to patients that suffer with depression, mindfulness cognitive therapy is used to reduce craving and addictions (like overeating and smoking).

Addiction, like smoking, weakens the prefrontal cortex and this area of the brain is usually connected with delayed gratification. When smokers engage in mindful mediation, cravings for this drug (nicotine) is reduce by more than sixty percent. Scientific neuroimaging on people that practice this type of mindful mediation has shown an increase in the activity in the prefrontal cortex and this has been proven to increase self-control.

MBCT, mindfulness based cognitive therapy is a combination of two types of therapy. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) which a used to alter thought patterns to affect behavioral changes, and the practice of mindfulness which is when a person identifies thoughts moment by moment (without judgement). Together, these two therapies will allow patients to effectively change negative thought patterns.

When a person practices mindful mediation of a regular basis, they will become more aware of thoughts and feeling. They will be taught to accept these thoughts, but not react to them in a negative manner.The main goal to this type of therapy is to teach individuals how to accept and observe incoming stimuli, but at the same time, teach them how to not react to stimuli that has been known to create negative thoughts. This process allows patients to notice thoughts and change their reaction from automatic to a more reflective type of reaction.Research has proven that mindfulness cognitive therapy is effective.

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