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Be Mindful Of Who Works With Your Children

Be Mindful Of Who Works With Your Children

I know today’s title sounds a bit more ominous than usual, but believe me the message is appropriate and necessary. I have been doing this work for more than 28 years and I have seen many well meaning therapist offer their services to children. Many of these practitioners think and believe that they have a special skill set which makes them qualified to do so. Let me say categorically, if a person is not formally qualified as a psychotherapy with a child speciality then they are NOT QUALIFIED to work with your children. There are a couple of ways to ensure that they are, check that they are either Child Psychotherapists as recognised by the Association of Child Psychotherapist, or a member of the UKCP College of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapies or a member of the UKCP College for Family, Couple and Systemic Therapy or hold the UKCP Child Marker or are a BACP Member who confirms to the Working with Children and Young People within the Counselling Professions protocols.

In my view, there is no course in the hypnotherapy world which qualifies a person to work with children and certainly just because a person was a teacher, this does not give anything but a little bit of additional knowledge about children, but being a teacher is not a clinical qualification. Children are not small adults, the issues they bring to therapy are unique and should be treated as such, so if you want to have your child to receive the best possible psychotherapeutic care, please take heed of my advice in this post.

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