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Be Mindful of the Word Expert

Be Mindful of the Word Expert

I was on a website today and noticed a bit which referred to “What the Experts Say” and went to go have a look. I looked because I teach my students to be very cautious about using descriptors which have no basis. The word expert is one such word. Now I know this might come across as being a bit critical, but I don’t mind. My concern for the public is that they get the best possible treatment and I think that practitioners or website owners who attempt to big up people who lack the experience needed to genuinely be considered experts should be criticised.

I am not saying that newly qualified practitioners, and for newly qualified I mean less than 5 years experience, are not as good as the more experienced practitioner. Indeed, there are newly qualified practitioners who undertake such a rigorous training as to embarrass those who have been qualified sometimes for decades. I am genuinely concerned that potential clients will see the word expert and naturally assume that this means the person has a great deal of experience when in fact they may have very little.

It is truly down to the potential client to look over the perspective therapist and ask relevant questions as to their experience and training. Practitioners have the obligation to be honest and clients have the obligation to be curious enough to research their potential therapist thoroughly.

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