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Be Mindful of Therapeutic Titles

Be Mindful of Therapeutic Titles

I tend to look at a variet of websites when I am looking for topics to discuss here. As many of you know, I write regularly on the importance of a therapist’s training and why you as a potential client should care. I came accross something today, which I think needs an airing.

Be mindful of therapeutic titles. There are many titles awarded to therapists, Master, Fellow, Diplomate, Advanced, etc. These all have meaning, but one must also look at where they were awarded from which should give you an indication as to their validity of the title.

The reason I have decided to write about this today, is because I have seen a few practitioners using the title “Professor”. One of the most laudible titles one can aspire. However, there is no control over this title, which is the same in the UK as the titles “hypnotherapist” “psychotherapist” and “counsellor”. As I looked into these practitioners, the piece of information which was lacking was exactly where and whom awarded them their professionships. With this information not forthcoming, it did make one feel as though these titles were meaningless and self awarded.

I continue to ask potential clients to be mindful of the training of the therapists they are interested in. Don’t be too impressed by the title Professor or Doctor, until you take the time to research where these titles came from.

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