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Be Mindful of Your Social Media

Be Mindful of Your Social Media

Today’s offering is more for practitioners than the public, but perhaps the public may also find some use to it. Social media cannot is a part of most people’s daily lives, this cannot be denied. However, there are potential issues with it. Today, I saw a posting from a practitioner on their social media page, which could easily be interpreted as being an ethical violation. If not that, it would certainly be considered to be bad taste.

Client’s do not want to read your opinions on politics or hear about your sexual exploits. Before social media, there was a bit of a wall between the client and therapist. This was a good wall which protected both client and therapist. However, now, social media allows for that wall to be blown away.

It is perfectly appropriate for therapists to have a professional, business focused social media presence. It is necessary to keep your personal social media presence just that person between you and your family and friends. Clients may well want to have access to you via your personal social media page, and it might be tempting to allow that access. I strongly urge that you resist that temptation and keep things separate. After all, your clients are interested in your thoughts about therapy, not your take on the Kennedy assignation.

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