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Middle Age Health Crisis

Middle Age Health Crisis

Now that the festivities of the holiday season have come to an end, it seems appropriate to write on the recent Public Health England warning for middle aged people. Eight out of Ten people who are aged between 40-60 are overweight, or drink too much, and/or get too little exercise.

The reasons for this are all too clear, the ease of getting fast food, a sedimentary lifestyle behind a desk, and added pressures are all contributing factors in the health issues of the middle aged. The reality is that people are not taking good enough care of themselves, it really is as simple as that.

Indeed, our poor health is now being normalised, we tend not to recognise bad health habits in ourselves, and certainly not in others as all of this is now far too common.

A very good way to get back on track is through therapy, hypnotherapy is particularly helpful in working with many of these issues. However, the most important thing that needs to be remembered is that therapy or any other intervention for that matter can only be effective if the person wants to change. So perhaps in this New Year, you might want to consider whether it is time to improve on the old you.

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