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Methyphobia- Fear of alcohol

Methyphobia- Fear of alcohol

For many people alcohol is a part of their every day lives. Going to the pub, enjoying a drink with dinner for many are considered to be the little luxuries in life that are meant to be enjoyed. However, for some the attraction of alcohol is non existent, there is an intense and genuine fear of alcohol. This can be due to a number of factors, but whatever the trigger or reasons behind it, there are a number of people who will avoid alcohol at all costs. These people are said to be suffering from Methyphobia a morbid and intense fear of alcohol.

A fear of alcohol can have many triggers, but for the majority of sufferers it can be traced to two types of root causes. The first is to be the child of an alcoholic parent or parents. The idea of seeing and experiencing their behaviour causes an intense emotional state, which the sufferer depersonalises and projects on to the alcohol rather than onto the parents themselves. The other scenario is that the sufferer had an experience with alcohol which put them off. Perhaps a loss of control, or perhaps the person found him or herself in harms way, which causes the individual to fear alcohol.

The treatment for these sufferers is to endeavour to desensitize them to the alcohol in that they of course may choose never to drink, and that is fine, but it is not in their interest to actually fear alcohol.

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