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Mental Health Day Every Day

Mental Health Day Every Day

Yesterday was “World Mental Health Day”. This is a necessary day in my opinion to highlight the importance of mental health awareness and to keep mental health issues in the forefront of the discussion of world health in general. However, mental health needs more than a day, a week or month. Mental health is something that needs to be discussed with the same regularity as things like cancer and dementia.

Mental health issues effect a large group of the population and joined up thinking is needed if we are to tackle this with any degree success. Over the years, mental health has become a conversation in the popular press and this is a good thing. There has been an increase of private therapy, which is a good thing. More and more I am seeing clients now who would have never seen a mere 3-5 years ago.

More must be done, however. There is still a stigma in some parts of the population regarding mental health issues and these need to be quashed. If not for ourselves, then for the generations which follow us. Modern life has brought up new challenges and it is up to government, the professions and the public to grasp these challenges in order to make mental health an area where there is no stigma or fear of getting help.

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