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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

Yesterday was the start of Mental Health Awareness Week which is an excellent opportunity to look closely at mental health in all it’s incarnations. This is also a time where many people start to think about seeking out help to work with their mental health issues. As I have said on many occasions it is essential that people get the right therapist for themselves. The right therapist will include being properly qualified to provide the therapeutic services they hold out to the public, having the right experience to deal with these issues and that the therapist is a good fit for the individual. This good fit will include many factors which are both overt and cover regarding things like the therapist’s empathy and the establishment of a useful therapeutic relationship.

I have seen many hypnotherapists making a very big deal about this week and claiming to deal with complex issues like trauma, depression and body dysmorphic issues when in reality they do not have the training or experience to work with these issues. I have spent a great deal of my professional life trying to educate hypnotherapists as to the limits of their scope of practice as well as trying to educate the public as to the right questions to ask potential therapists. If you are going to seek out mental health assistance this week, I ask that you do your homework and ask the necessary questions to ensure that you get the therapist and therapy which is right for you.

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