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Mental Health Aware Banks

Mental Health Aware Banks

I was reading an article today about how some of our high street banks are training their staff in mental health awareness. This would include being aware of people exhibiting the signs of mental health issues, addiction and dementia. Banks usually come under scrutiny and criticism by the media and public, sometimes with very good cause. However, in this instance, banks should be congratulated in being willing and able to do all they can to look after their customers.

All too often, we can see people who are clearly in desperate trouble being aided, and not in a good way, by pub landlords, bookies, and other services which in and of themselves are not bad. But because of the mental instability of some of their clientele can be seen to be facilitating mental health disorders. All businesses should see it a their social and moral obligation to assist wherever possible their customers who are clearly in a bad way mentally. Not exploiting this to their own financial advantage.

As I have often said, all members of a civilised society should be aware of mental health issues and do what they can to assist people in trouble. Some of our high street banks are taking the lead on this, perhaps we should all take a leaf out of this book.

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