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Mental Health and Life Insurance

Mental Health and Life Insurance

Mental health issues is now the number one declared issue when applying to get life insurance. Whilst it is not common to be denied coverage because of mental health issues, but in some cases the premiums are up to 30% higher than for those without mental health issues. These problems tend to be exasperated by making application on line rather than with a human being.

This is terribly disturbing as it shows in pounds and pence discrimination against those who suffer or have suffered with mental health issues. Surely people who have had to endure mental health issues should not have to endure being punished financially for it.

For people who have or have had mental health issues, shame and embarrassment seem to be common emotions the experience. We hear from various sources that the stigma of mental health issues has become less. This is indeed true, but we have not gone far enough and as a civilised society we should be showing compassion and empathy, rather than trying to cash in on it. I think it is exceptionally brave to declare this to anyone and that bravery should be celebrated and encouraged. Financial penalties will only drive people into despair regarding this most important health issue.

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