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Mental Health and Cosmetic Surgery

Mental Health and Cosmetic Surgery

This is a subject I have had strong opinions on for a number of years. I noticed in an article this morning there are calls for more mental health checks before Superdrug gives their Botox and dermal filler treatments. This, however, is not the only case that concerns me. There is a breast enlargement clinic which advertises regularly on television. The gist is, bigger breasts, better life.

Now, people have the right to seek out whatever treatment that they feel will help them to be the best version of themselves. However, these firms which offer these beauty enhancements must take responsibility for the fact that there may be very vulnerable men and women who see these adverts and because of mental health issues they may be having and the inability to pay for the treatments, who will suffer. Indeed, the notion of body dysmorphia seems to be totally ignored by marketers when it comes to the body beautiful.

As a society, we are all to some extent collectively responsible for this issue. How we choose to define beauty can have a very negative effect on the vulnerable. Perhaps it is time that we perhaps become a little less focused on outer beauty and perhaps focus on what makes a person a whole being.

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