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Men Need Help With Eating Disorders Too

Men Need Help With Eating Disorders Too

One cannot help but be moved by the difficulty of people who suffer with eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa. This condition can obviously ultimately lead to death. Sadly, the public as well as clinicians have often associated this with women only, leaving men and more specifically boys lacking in the support needed in order to get well and healthy.

It really should not be a surprise that boys are now falling into the trap of anorexia, magazines and television programmes are paying particular attention to the appearance of boys as well as girls. This attention in moderation of course is not a difficulty but when it is highly critical, it can lead to a lack of self esteem or worse for vulnerable boys (as well as girls). All too often a person’s appearance is used as the benchmark for their worthiness.

To some extent we are all a bit guilty of this, how often do we talk about weight and appearance in a negative fashion and how often do we positively or negatively judge a person because of their size or appearance. It is important that we all recognise that our words and attitudes can set the wheels of anorexia and eating disorders into motion. So let us be mindful about what we say and how we say it.

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