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Men and Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Men and Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

It might be of interest to some of you that the majority, and I mean considerable majority of people practising hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are women. The same may also be said about our clients, the vast majority seem to be women. However, the good news is that there has been a marked increase in my own practice as well as many other practitioners of men presenting for therapy.

This is very important as men suffer with mental distress and need to be able to feel safe and comfortable in attending therapy. This is a far better option than what has often been the course of action for men in pain. That being self medication with alcohol, drugs both legal and illegal, as well as other things in order to displace their feelings. I think what would be a great assistance is a greater influx of men who are practitioners.

Male therapists may well have additional insights into male issues, in much the same way that women have additional insights into female issues. I believe that if we have more male therapists, more men will feel more comfortable in attending therapy. Good mental health is for everyone no matter the gender.

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