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Melissophobia- Fear of bees

Melissophobia- Fear of bees

With summer being here, many of us look forward to spending some time in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. However, with the sunshine and warmth come insects which can cause people to experience anxiety. The most common insect which causes people distress is the bee. Rationally and logically most people know that bees are required for pollination of plants which make our gardens grow. However, bees can also sting and cause pain and in some cases, death, if one is allergic to them. Melissophobia is the pathological and intense fear of bees.

Obviously, this fear can begin at any time of life, but very often it occurs in childhood. Where a child is stung and does not know why the pain and the fear of the pain can cause the child great distress and trauma. This is made worse if there is an allergic reaction to the sting. Once this occurs, the sufferer will do whatever necessary to avoid contact with bees, even to the extent of not going out of doors and staying in. The sight of sound of a bee will cause great trauma and because of the associated panic, may well facilitate a sting.

When working with this issue, it is essential that the client is taught to be able to co-exist with the bees in order for them both to share the garden in a live and let live scenario. Also it is important to point out that bees seldom sting when left alone.

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