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Meeting the Academic Board

Meeting the Academic Board

Having been involved with training practitioners since 1993, one thing really agrivates me, when schools pay lip service to standards and “play at” being a seat of learning. With the proliferation of so many schools of hypnotherapy, it is essential that educators hold true to the ethical principles and practice of education.

I was looking on line the other day and found even new self named schools coming out of the woodwork. Now this is not to say that these schools are bad or inferior, but in many cases they do not provide the safeguards necessary to ensure that their  graduates are looked after when they complete.

Now I would say that, being Principal of the oldest school in the country. The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy was founded in 1977 and has been training practitioners every year since. I am the 5th person to hold the title of Principal of The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

One of the things that I believe set us apart is our academic standards are amongst the highest in the profession. Today, I will be chairing a meeting of our academic board. Most schools of hypnosis are governed entirely by their owners. Not the National College. We have a board which represents the faculty and the students chaired by a former Univeristy Vice-Chancellor (I am chairing today as he is unable to attend this meeting). The National College takes seriously its obligation to train the next generation of therapists and to ensure that the college is there for them well after the student becomes a practitioner. If you are considering training in hypnotherapy or psychotherapy, please make sure whomever you train with has the same commitment to educational excellence and the longevity to ensure you are supported throughout your career.

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