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Meditation and Anxiety

Mediation and Anxiety

It is no secret that the most common issue that I work with is anxiety. To me this is the bane of many people’s lives and can cause tremendous debilitation. I have seen people who simply cannot function in any kind of healthy way due the intensity of the anxiety that they experience.

Therapy can be very helpful when working with anxiety, but because anxiety makes a person feel as though that they are totally out of control, it is necessary for a helpful intervention to give homework to them so that they can exert their control over this issue.

Before I ever did Mindfulness, I taught self hypnosis to all my anxiety clients in order for them to gain that control that they crave over their anxiety state. Many benefited from this, but others would say that they found self hypnosis to be too mechanistic for them to really engage with. Mediatation, or what I call free form self hypnosis, has very little mechanism to it. Meditation is something that we can all do, I know I do some mediation every day. The meditation I do is secular, by which I mean their is no need for any particular belief system needed in order to benefit from this.

So whether you have anxiety or not, perhaps you might benefit from the quiet place that is created in meditation. Give it a try and see.

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