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Medical Applications of Hypnosis

Medical Applications of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is often connected to anxiety related disorders and helping individuals overcome phobias and addictions, but it has a place in the medical field as well. Hypnosis has been proven to shorten healing time and increase overall patient care, but sadly it is only used in ten percent of patients in the U.S.In 1958, the American Medical Association accepted hypnosis as an effective therapeutic method, but many health care professionals are not familiar with the variety of medical applications of hypnosis.

Gastrointestinal issues, skin conditions, arthritis pain, ulcers, tinnitus, sleep disorders, asthma and high blood pressure are just a few of the medical ailment that hypnotherapy can help.Hypnosis in burn patients is effective because it helps with mental trauma and physical pain as well as feelings of helplessness, weight loss and nausea.Hypnosis has been used by many dentists for generations. The first reported case of hypnoanesthesia for tooth extraction was in 1837 by a French dentist named Oudet.

Hypnodontia is often used today to relax patients and reduce anxiety associated with dentistry procedures.Hypnobirthing is when hypnosis is used to assist expect mothers with labor pain and the duration of labor. Fear and tension are often the cause of intense labor pains and hypnosis can alleviate anxiety and help natural child birth to be the wonderful experience it was meant to be.Depression is a common symptom associated with chronic illnesses and hypnotherapy has been proven to help patients regain their will to live and help with the mental and physical healing process of ongoing illnesses.

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