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Managing Stress

Managing Stress

Skills and Techniques

The goal of stress management is not to eliminate the stress response, but to determine and control individual optimal stress levels. I.e. where stress works for the person and not against. It is fundamental to learn to assess and control your own stress levels and develop strategies to cope. We have looked at some of those, coping responses and the C’s.

Effective Management.

This involves 2 stages.

Awareness – you need to identify the stress reaction and the stressors. You must be aware the stress is present, and your ability to deal with it, your attributes. You need to know how you can manage the stress and what is happening around you, to you and in you.

Control & manage – the stressor and stress levels. To be able to do this change is required, and self acceptance is the key to this. What you are today is a result of life experiences, what you have been told to perceive. Change is possible, but not instantly. Accept who you are and what you are, this is the first step in change. Acknowledge that the responsibility for change lies with you. Whatever the stressors, don’t blame someone else, work, home or fate. You make the difference.

Controlling Stress

Stress can be controlled to the benefit of the individual, it begins with a positive attitude do not make light of the stressors, nor feel inadequate, certain things bother people differently. However trivial the stress needs dealing with and the following can be utilized.

o Relaxation techniques

o Health, diet and sleep

o Exercise, support from others

o Training


There are many relaxation techniques around, from progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques to soothing music, the list goes on. It is whatever the person can adapt to at the time; it is what suits the individual, not all work for everyone. They use combinations of music, sounds and voice. And they work by getting you to focus on muscles groups in the body, relaxing them, breathing and even visualization. The reason being that it gives you focuses on something else other than the stress. Itis best done in a place where you will not be disturbed, literally anywhere, even at your desk etc.

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