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Making Amends and Psychotherapy

Making Amends and Psychotherapy

We are all flawed human beings, there is no question of that. Generally speaking we do the best we can and attempt to do the right thing wherever possible. However, there are times when we do things which are either knowingly or unknowingly hurtful to other people. Generally speaking people do their best to try to forget this and avoid these issues. The byproduct of this can often lead to mental distress and anxiety. This anxiety is often diagnosed as generalised anxiety disorder or GAD because there appears to be no reason for the anxiety to exist. Though the reason is related to the avoidance of making amends with the people we injured.

Psychotherapy has, in many ways, taken over from the traditional routes people used to use for their existential crises. With the lack of faith and access to “holy advisors” people are more and more turning to psychotherapists and counsellors to act in this capacity. We can help clients to work through these issues with the hope that they are able to eventually make the necessary amends to the wronged individuals. Once this is done, it is amazing how much better a person begins to feel. Psychotherapy has a plethora of use, and people are beginning to recognise it.

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