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Make Yourself Amazing

Make Yourself Amazing

One of the most common issues that I work with in my practice is low self esteem and confidence. This can take many guises and forms, but it is about intrinsically not being comfortable in a persons own skin. As much as I would love to say that there is an easy answer to this problem, I have to be honest and say there is no easy answer as the human psyche is a complex thing.

So you might imagine, seeing a commercial for cosmetic surgery which more or less promises by working on making your boobs bigger or your stomach flatter will make a person amazing, would rile me. You would be right. It is a sad state of affairs where telling people that if you are not happy with your body, simply come in we will change it and all will be right, actually not only right, but amazing is at best irresponsible at worst it is one of the causes of body dymorphia and  a part of an unhealthy obsession with the body beautiful forsaking personality and intelligence.

The “former patients” spew the pap that I have come to expect from these sorts of services, “I came in not happy with my looks, I left perfect, happy and sorted”. Life does not work this way. In order to feel good, one must be able to accept themselves, not simply accept their looks. Commercials like this place unrealistic ideas that beauty alone will make you content, a simplistic and in my view irresponsible message to people who may well be vulnerable and would benefit from real assistance in acceptance which does not require the surgeons scalpel.

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