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Make Time to Have Fun

Make Time to Have Fun

I see it everyday in my practice, there are people who are absolutely slaves to their careers and work. We put an inordinate amount of pressure on ourselves to achieve the things in life we feel that we need to. Some of these things are very important. Thinks like stability, security, and satisfaction are all very important. All too often, however, we start to chase things that are less important or indeed only temporary fixes to life’s issues.

We are a capitalist society and the desire to chase wealth is something hard wired into our DNA. That being said, for many people this becomes the outcome, rather than the things, positive things that the acquisition of wealth can achieve. I have noticed that people have forgotten how to have fun. When we were children we were taught that as we grow up, we would have to take on more and more responsibilities. This is indeed true. It is not true that we have to take on these responsibilities and not have time for fun.

Enjoying life is the reason that most of us decided on the career paths we chose. Somehow, as we developed professional many of us seem to have forgotten that. I would like to suggest that if you can, make time today to play, have a little fun after all it is not true to say we only live once, we actually live every day, we only die once.

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