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Loving Yourself Is The Most Important Thing

Loving Yourself Is The Most Important Thing

So often I see people come to my office who are in genuine distress over their lives. The link their problems to anxiety or weight or some external issue which is causing them to feel less than they are. In actuality, I have found that the majority of the people who come through my door suffer from a common issue and that is that they do not think very highly of themselves at all. Indeed, some abjectly loathe and despise themselves.

I have noticed recently that there seems to be an increase in television commercials extolling the virtues of cosmetic surgery. Whilst, of course, I accept that cosmetic surgery can be for some a very empowering treatment, the idea of having one’s breasts or nose or pecks enhanced will lead to happiness evermore is a nonsense. I fear that in this world that cries out for the body beautiful we are forgetting that most important lesson, that one needs to love themselves as they are as a starting point to any change.

For a person to truly be happy, a person must first be honest with themselves and that often when physical imperfections are identified to be the cause of unhappiness, it is actually a far more emotional or psychological issue that is truly at the heart of unhappiness. When this is resolved often people will accept themselves and their bodies as they are. However, if they do not, by accepting themselves they are in a far better position to make any changes they wish without the risk of regret in the long run.

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