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The Love Addict, Not What Hypnosis is About

The Love Addict, Not What Hypnosis is About

I have recently seen an advert for a movie on Amazon Prime called Love Addict where the premise of the film is that a womaniser goes to a hypnotherapist to stop smoking and it turns out she is a forgotten ex lover. So rather than hypnotise him to stop smoking she hypnotises him to be disgusted by sex. And amusement and mirth follows.

Now I can hear some of you saying, “Oh Shaun, lighten up it’s only a movie” Well, no actually, it is yet again another poor showing about what hypnosis is and it is certainly no advertisement for what we do. Interestingly, in addition to the poor showing of hypnosis, there is also a serious ethical consideration about a past lover using her own agenda whilst allegedly providing therapeutic services. If this were to happen in reality, of course, she would be disciplined by even the most lax professional body.

I bring this up not to be “that guy” but rather to say, isn’t it time for hypnosis to stop being seen by the media as some sort of punch line. There are may hypnotherapists who do incredible dedicated work who would cringe at how their profession is being portrayed. It is just a real shame.

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