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Loss Perhaps the Great Equaliser

Loss Perhaps the Great Equaliser

For many here in the UK the assignation of Jo Cox, MP brings to mind revulsion and disgust and rightly so. The murder of anyone should be abhorred, but the murder of a public figure seems to strike a particular tone within most of us.

We as a society seem to be able to mourn easier when it is a person we are in a way connected to, but not intimately connected. This has happened many times with celebrity death, there seems to be an out pouring of grief as if we use the opportunity of a more famous death to somehow be a cathartic experience to release the pain of our own personal losses, but for whatever reason we have not been able to do.

I always suggest to clients that they become emotionally intelligent when it comes to the subject of death. Make sure that they tell the people they care about just how much they matter to them. This means that if the worst should occur, there is very little left unsaid.

My thoughts are with the Cox family and friends today and hope that they find some way of comforting one another after this tragic and senseless death.

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