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Loneliness in the Holiday Season

Loneliness in the Holiday Season

I was watching a clip today about how loneliness is effecting the elderly. This is especially telling at this time of year where the focus tends to be on being with ones family and friends. However, I cast my mind back to a couple of my clients who were all far from elderly and how they would say that coming to therapy was their one connection with the outside world and another human being. Now these folk all had jobs that were isolating at best and many worked from home and had little work interaction.

It did make me think, rather than simply focusing on the elderly being lonely, perhaps at this time of year we need to consider all people who are alone and not by their own choice at this time of year. It would not be difficult to make sure that at this time of year we tell the people that we care about that we do indeed care about them. Perhaps invite them around for a bit of holiday cheer. If we truly want to be a society that cares for each other let’s do something about it. This is not down to the government, this is down to our own individual humanity let’s make it a happy holiday season.

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