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Logizomechanophobia- Fear of computers

Logizomechanophobia- Fear of computers

It is impossible for people not to notice that there is an increasing march of progress going on in the world today. The ability to communicate in an instance to look up data on practically any subject and the ability to “know things” in an instant has been fostered in no small way by the advent of the internet. For the internet to work, however, we need computers, whether desk top, lap top, tablet device or hand held device we need computers to access all the information that the internet has to offer. Computers have well and truly become a part of our every day lives.

For many however, this advance is not considered to be a good thing. In the past computers were used in certain sectors by certain people which for some suited them well. With the explosion of computer use, the fear of of computers in some sections of the population has grown. The intense and pathological fear of computers is called logizomechanophobia. This is an anxiety which tends to affect the older community, those who have not been brought up with computers as a staple of their every day lives.

Therapy for this condition will involve a certain amount of exposure and psycho-education to help the sufferer to get over the issue and at least be able to co-exist with computers to some level.

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