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Locus of Control in Motivation Pt4

Locus of Control in Motivation Pt4

Reward is not the only form of extrinsic motivation however. It may also include approval and pressure for example. Deci and Ryan’s ‘self-determination theory’ (drawn from the needs stated above), divides this into four aspects or ‘reasons’ for our behaviour: External regulation: eg coercion from other people: “I must” Introjected regulation: eg avoidance of negative feelings for not doing the behaviour/change: “I should” Identified regulation: eg acting based on perceived benefits: “I want to” Integrated regulation: eg doing it because the outcome is important to the self: “It is important to me”

Most clients that hypnotists will see will be coming from one of these standpoints rather than intrinsic. In fact, identified and integrated are likely to be the most beneficial starting points. For example, here are some reasons why smokers may be motivated to quit:

“The doctor tells me I have to” : external “It’s getting to be so socially unacceptable”: introjected “I want to set a good example to the children”: identified “It doesn’t fit with anything else in my life anymore”: integrated

There may be a small element of intrinsic for some, that is, wanting to achieve the satisfaction of becoming a non-smoker.

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