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Locus of Control in Motivation Pt2

Locus of Control in Motivation Pt2

It is generally perceived that having an internal locus of control is “good” and external is “bad”. However, this is not always the case. For example, a client may, as a child have felt responsible for her parents’ arguments. This is an internal LOC, and part of the motivational hypnotist’s role here may be, in this one instance, to shift this so that she knows that this is not within her control, but to help her to see that she can have control of how she now responds.

So how does feeling in control fit the process of motivation? It is clear from everyday life that most of us, most of the time are more motivated by situations which involve choice, control and self-determination. Conversely most of us, most of the time, prefer not to be controlled or pressured too much. These ideas bring us to the concept of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is being motivated by the process itself, usually for fun, enjoyment, challenge etc. Intrinsic motivation is often considered to be key in persistence and continuing motivation. However there are few situations that hypnotists will face where the motivation is truly intrinsic (smokers do not quit because they enjoy the process of becoming a non-smoker, and a phobic client will not be motivated to resolve their issue by the thought of the fun of systematic desensitisation!). However, where possible these elements can be built on. Also, as you extend your practice as a Motivational Hypnotist, you can attract clients for issues where this is more of a factor, such as in performance and personal development areas.

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