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Lloyds Bank and Mental Health

Lloyds Bank and Mental Health

Ever since I was a small child I had a fascination with television advertising. Indeed, when I was a kid, I would often leave the room when a programme was on, only to return at the advertisement break. I was watching television yesterday, when I saw an advertisement for Lloyd’s Bank. This was not the usual thing about get a loan with us or open up a current account. This was an advert which focused exclusively on mental health. It was assisted by children, ordinary people and celebrities.

I have to say that I found it one of the most effective ways of getting a mental health discussion going. It was not preachy, it was not pseudoscientific, it was honest and real. It focused on what we did and did not understand about mental health issues as well as looking at some of the fears and opinions of others when it comes to mental health.

My only criticism with this advertisement is that it should not have to be a bank which dies it. This is just the sort of narrative and visual that the National Health Service would be wise to employ when talking to the public about mental health. I hope that because of this ad, people are now engaging and discussing mental health issues more without the cloak of secrecy and fear.

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