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Limiting Beliefs and Hypnotherapy

Limiting Beliefs and Hypnotherapy

So many of my clients who are coming to me for basic enhancement issues, things like want to perform better at work or in a sporting activity have one thing in common. The thing that seems to bind all of these clients are unhealthy limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs, interestingly enough, often begin as well founded belief systems. However, the well foundedness of these beliefs are time based. For example, just because a person is not good at something at the beginning of doing it does not mean that with practice a person cannot improve. Where a limiting belief comes in is in that these beliefs are like a snapshot in time, which is unchangeable which of course makes the belief limiting.

Additionally, limiting beliefs can come from those closest to us. Family, friends and even teachers can knowingly or unknowingly cause people to experience limiting beliefs about themselves which they end up taking throughout their lives. If a teacher says that you are not good at science on the basis of one exam, this might stay with a person who is perfectly capable but because of the perception that teacher knows best the belief is allowed to take root and flower.

Hypnotherapy can help with dealing with the source of negative beliefs as well as the impact of them. Why not leave limitations in the past and embrace your potential.

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