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Limitations of Hypnotherapy

Limitations of Hypnotherapy

I know there are colleagues who dislike when I write about subjects like this. In some practitioners minds it should be that they are able to work with any issue that they feel comfortable in doing so. Certainly from a legal perspective, that is the truth. There are very few legal restrictions in the services that anyone can offer to the public. This includes hypnotherapists.

However, we have to consider that we have a moral and ethical obligation to the public to only provide services which are provably effective. Most practitioners come into the profession because they want to help people to get well. However, it is not helping people to get better by saying you can help with issues that you are not qualified to treat.

It is also an essential that practitioners keep their skills up to date as possible. That requires practitioners to be discerning as to who they get information from. Again there are few requirements when it comes to training courses. Just because an organisation offers a qualification in a subject, it does not mean they are qualified to offer it. We as a profession need to be vigilant in terms of ensuring that we talk to people about what hypnotherapy can as well as what it cannot do.

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