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Limitations of Hypnotherapy Recordings

Limitations of Hypnotherapy Recordings

Hypnotherapy recordings have been a reality long since I began in practice in 1989. In the “old days” cassette tapes were used. We then evolved into CD’s and then finally MP3 and 4 formats. For practitioners like me, we use recordings for some clients as a reinforcement of the work that we did in the session. The important note here is that they are used for reinforcement and not as therapy itself.

There have always been places that you can buy hypnotherapy recordings, you can even find sessions on YouTube. However, these things must not be confused with getting real therapy from a real therapist. Recordings have limitations, of course they would, as at best they were the suggestions or intervention for a specific client, at worst it is just a generic set of suggestions made for a specific issue.

Hypnotherapy is not a technique which exists outside of itself, indeed it is essential that there is a psychotherapeutic component to all interventions and that requires a consultation and face to face work. Recordings are useful but are limited and should never be used as a substitution for proper therapy. By all means consult the therapist who are creating the recording if you like, but a therapist is an essential part of the therapeutic process.

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