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Lilapsophobia- Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

Lilapsophobia- Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

There can be little doubt that when we look out into the world one of the most awesome sights is the power of mother nature. From the growing of trees to the amazing design of insects mother nature is impressive. However, it can also be said that some of this awesomeness is not so much wondrous, but can also be terrifying. For whilst nature has the ability to create and be beautiful, it also has the potential for destruction and ruin on a massive scale.

Two of the most destructive forces at nature’s command are tornadoes and hurricanes. These forces of nature have the ability to lay waste to towns and villages to peoples homes as well as their lives. Lilapsophobia is the intense and profound fear of tornadoes and hurricanes, which differs though being similar to the fear of thunder and lightning which I covered in a blog some time back. This fear may seem reasonable for people in areas where hurricanes and tornadoes are common, but this fear can also effect people who have never experienced either of these natural phenomena first hand.

To work with this condition with hypno-psychotherapy it is essential to determine the root cause of the issue and then to help the client to rationalise and move forward so that this fear does not have a significant grasp on their lives.

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