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Ligyrophobia- Fear of loud noises

Ligyrophobia- Fear of loud noises

Though not commonly known, humans are actually born with fear. Two fears specifically, the first is the fear of falling. The second is a fear of loud noises. Parents will be able to attest that infants and young children are often disturbed by loud, unexplained sounds or noises. These things can cause a great deal of upset and can be a real problem later in life if the child does not “grow out of it”.

An irrational, persistent and extreme fear of loud noise is known as ligyrophobia or phonophobia. This phobia is an extreme form of that basic fear I described in the above paragraph. There can be many triggers for this fear including a previous traumatic experience where the loud noise caused them to become distracted and perhaps to even hurt themselves physically. Other sufferers could have come from an angry household, where there was a lot of yelling and noise, which causes the sufferer to respond with the fear they experienced in childhood. Still others may have come from war torn regions of the world and the sound of loud noises causes them to regress back to the devastation of their homeland.

Desensitisation with hypnosis can be an excellent way forward for these clients to get their disliking of loud noises into some kind of balance.

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