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LIfe is Short, Make Peace Now

Life is Short, Make Peace Now

I have of late been contemplating the finite nature of life. Most of us, think that we have all the time in the world and that we can put off things until tomorrow. With the way the world is looking at the moment, I have been recommending to my clients to not put things off. We must be selfish enough to do the things that matter to us and to make peace with those who we have either wronged or they have wronged us.

So much time is wasted on ill feelings and regret. I see it every day in my office, people who are hurting because of things in the past. I generally tell people that you cannot change the past, it’s done, but you can take control of the here and now and make that what you want it to be.

Ill feelings have a very negative effect on our mental health and if one can put it simply, to make peace with those around you is actually not only a good thing to do superficially, but it a good thing to do for your mental health. So if you are harbouring negative feelings, make today the day you put them to rest and get on with your life.

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