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Life is About Perception

Life is About Perception

I often talk to my clients about how negative behaviour and events need to be seen in terms of perception rather than absolute reality. Perception is a very important filter in our lives. On my personal Facebook page I posted a clip from the Bob Dylan 30th anniversary concert. This had many of my musical heroes preforming, this was performed in 1992 so I was in my early 20’s. One of my oldest friends, who is the same age as me, posted saying how he thought at the time how old they all looked and now how good they all looked.

One of the key influences on perception is time, what we thought in our youth is often not what we think when we get older. This is a good example that perception is not set in stone, which means that with it being changeable it is possible to change things about ourselves by simply changing our perception of the issue or behaviour.

So for those of you who are struggling, try looking at the object of your struggle from a different perception and see if that does not influence the way you feel. It is a simple exercise, but you might find it very useful.

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