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Life at a Crossroad

Life at a Crossroad

I have noticed though out my career that many of the people I see professionally find themselves at a crossroad in their life. Be that a change of career or a starting or ending of a relationship it is not uncommon for people to come to therapy to explore their options as to which way they want to go. When I talk to my students about what we do as therapists, I often say that we do not simply deal with people in distress, we also deal with these types of people who are simply looking for a place to act as a sounding board for their options.

These types of clients tend to be very focused and have a clear idea of what the presenting issues are and even in many cases an idea of where they would like to be. Therapy becomes the way for them to determine which route will suit them best. It is a great privilege to work with my clients and if they find the space I provide useful for them to find a way of life that they can be happy with, I really feel that I have done my job. Actually, I have never seen my work as a job, it has been the passion of the entirety of my adult life and I am thankful that I am one of those people who really loves what he does.

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