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Letting Go of the Past and Hypnotherapy

Letting Go of the Past and Hypnotherapy

A wise man once said “those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it”. This of course is as true a truism that exists. However, I would like to give a slight slant on this, “those attached to the past can never embrace the future”. So many of my clients that come to see me are hopelessly tied to their own personal past. Be that because of a past relationship, a familial dynamic, or for related issues. These people are looking backwards and are not being in the here and now.

Whilst it would be foolish to suggest that the past does not matter, because of course, it does. We must work to learn from it and then to move on. This is particularly a challenge in the arena of relationships. We tend to obsess on what we could have done differently or alternatively believe we cannot move forward because we are not lovable. Hypnotherapy can help people to rationalise the past and learn from it. Once this is done, then it is possible for the client to move forward having the experience but not the emotional baggage. The past is what helps to shape the future, but remember it is not the same thing as the future.

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