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Let’s Talk About Solutions and Outcomes

Let’s Talk About Solutions and Outcomes

One of the most common questions I get after being in practice for all these year is “how do you keep from being depressed from listening to all your client’s problems”. My answer often surprises them. When I work with a client be that with hypnotherapy or psychotherapy or a combination of both, I spend very little time looking at the problem. After all, the client has most likely spent an inordinate amount of time looking at their problem. They would have spent time analysing it to death. This analysis has not proven to be very effective for them.

Now, of course, I am not saying that I do not listen to the problem I do. However, I do not want to spend too much therapeutic time there. In reality, the reason people come to me or I believe to any other therapist is because they want solutions to their issues. My practice has always been solution or outcome oriented. The approaches I use with my clients foster the idea that for every issue there is a solution, we simply need to discover it. By working in this manner, I have found that clients “enjoy” the therapeutic process because coming to me represents positive moves forward. Remember there is always a solution to any issue, that solution may not be easy or palatable, but there is always one.

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