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Let’s Talk About Cure

Let’s Talk About Cure

Whilst I was thinking about what to write today, I did my usual sweep of news articles which feature hypnotherapy. To my dismay, many of these articles talk about hypnotherapy or hypnotherapists “curing” people. As a conservative practitioner when I see the “c” word I tend to get very uncomfortable. Hypnotherapy or hypnotherapists for that matter do not cure anyone of anything. They can be used by clients to help them overcome a myriad of psychological, emotions and even some physiological complaints. This DOES NOT constitute a cure.

Very often practitioners work in conjunction with a client’s medical practitioner to help in the treatment of the client’s issues. It is a useful partnership as the medical practitioner has skills and knowledge which quite frankly most hypnotherapists will not have.

Cure is a problem in an other area as well. Cure can lead to false hope. Often I get asked if hypnosis can be used to cure cancer. The answer is a definitative NO. Yes there has been research done in the use of hypnosis and the treatment of cancer. However, these studies in the main looked at how hypnosis and other therapies can be used to help a patient with lifestyle issues with regards to cancer treatment (ie: help in increase of appetite or helping to get more rest). So, if you read about people being cured through hypnosis or that indeed a practitioner is claiming to cure with hypnosis, I would urge you to consider what I have said and speak to your GP first or find a different therapist.

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