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Let’s Get Real in Hypnotherapy

Let’s Get Real in Hypnotherapy

One of the things that really frustrates me when it comes to marketing in hypnotherapy is the fallacious use of the words “easy and effortless”. Look, I get it clients are not really keen on a process that they will see as being difficult and time consuming. Hypnotherapy is a process which can make the talking therapy process a little quicker. But therapy will take the time it takes and is as easy or hard as it needs to be.

Real therapy is an earnest process, it is not easy. There are parts of therapy which can be easier than others. But to grow takes time and effort. To overcome issues requires insight and flexibility which requires time and patience. Therapists who present their services as being easy and effortless, are being disingenuous. It is selling services on the basis of what they believe client’s want to hear, rather than what the actual reality is.

I would suggest that it is also rather insulting to the client. In my experience over the past 30 years, I have found that the vast majority of clients do not mind putting in the effort and working hard to reach their therapeutic outcomes. After all, when something is worked hard for it is far more often appreciated.

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