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Learning to Live With Disappointment

Learning to Live With Disappointment

This is a more and more common issue that clients come to see me for. This can manifest itself in a variety of different forms. It can be disappointment that a relationship did not work, or not getting a promotion at work or even getting their gold handicap down to single digits.

The fact is that disappointment is a fact of life for anyone who has ever aspired to anything. When working with these clients, I am minded of the Winston Churchill quote “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” This is an absolute truism. When people come to me to gain confidence in going out and dating, I remind them that it is quite expected that rejection and disappointment will form part of the experience.

Disappointment is a step on the road to success. It is a way of measuring where we came from to where we are now. Does it hurt at times? ABSOLUTELY! It it necessary for personal growth and development? ABSOLUTELY! In therapy, we can work on how one experiences and then copes with disappointment. By doing this, a person can gain the emotional resilience needed to be a success in whatever arena that they wish.

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