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Learning Lines and Hypnotherapy

Learning Lines and Hypnotherapy

I work with a myriad of different people for different issues. One of the interesting issues I have worked with are for people, generally actors and speech makers, trying to master learning their lines by wrote. This is a skill that has been lost in the evolution of education. In days gone by, students would learn great works of literature through recitation. Indeed, even going to church helped people to learn ritual through repetition.

As this seems to be a dying skill, I will often use hypnotherapy to assist clients in being able to first learn their lines, whilst in a relaxed and receptive state. In whatever task we are trying to master, being relaxed and receptive is the best way to foster this learning. Then to use mental rehearsal in order for them to visualise themselves being able to deliver their piece successfully. Finally, a bit of ego strengthening in order to give them the confidence needed to perform well.

One of the nice things about hypnotherapy is that it does not have to be employed only for significant mental health issues. Rather it can be used to help ordinary people deal with some of the challenges that come from ordinary life. If you are an actor, or a public speaker, why not give hypnotherapy a try to help you with your mastery of your pieces of work.

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